How to Get a Job Staging Homes

How to Get a Job Staging Homes
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We’re asked daily how to get a job staging homes. It’s not that surprising, since our #1 goal is to help people get into the home staging industry, or start their own home staging business.

So what’s our answer?

We have a recommended process to get your first home staging job and to increase your chances of success in the industry, and that’s what we’ll be explaining in today’s blog post.

Lay Strong Home Staging Foundations

#1 Learn all you can about home staging

There are hundreds of home staging blogs and free home staging resources available online where you can get a taste of home staging.

Spend some time browsing these to confirm if this is an industry that you can see yourself working in. Just be sure to take a look at the date the content was published, as much of it is 5 to 10 years old.

Once you’ve absorbed as much free information as you can, it’s a good idea to look into some sort of home staging training such as that provided here at the Home Staging Institute.

#2 Earn a home staging certification

There are a small handful of online home staging courses that you can choose from, ranging in price from $150 to well over $1000.

We’ve done a small survey of all the top home staging courses here for your quick reference, but we’d highly encourage you to consider our most popular course – the Professional Home Staging Course. It costs just $247 for lifetime access, and you’ll earn your home staging certification after passing a short online exam.

#3 Fine-tune your eye for staging

If you’re anything like 90% of our readers, you are well on your way to fine-tuning your home staging eye. But how do you know if this is you?

  • You browse real estate listing in your down-time, even though you have no intention to buy any of the houses you are looking at
  • You find yourself critiquing the curb appeal of houses when you are walking about your neighbourhood
  • You might even attend the occasional open home that you have no intention of buying.

If you’re are not doing any of these, it’s 100% free to get started! The Zillow app literally has tens of thousands of houses you can browse this evening, and you can take mental notes about what you would change to make that property more appealing to buyers.

Flexing this “home staging muscle” in the comfort of your own home, or the homes of people who aren’t your clients will help build your confidence for doing your first home staging consultations with paying customers.

Soon enough you’ll be able to walk into any house and quickly identify a handful of easy-win opportunities that you can recommend to the realtor or home seller.

Decide Which Home Staging Role You Want

You should have some idea of what sort of home staging job you want by now. Do you want to be in the office preparing proposals and quotes, helping with inventory management, managing a warehouse, or being on-site staging the property?

We recommend taking a look at your local job website and doing a search for home staging jobs. You’ll quickly be able to read a few job descriptions to decide which role it is that interests you most.

Start Job Hunting

Once you’ve learned all you can about home staging, completed some form of home staging training or online classes, and fine-tuned your home staging eye, then you can start to polish up your CV.

Depending on what role you’ve decided you want in the industry, you’ll want to tweak your CV to target your dream job. This means focusing on your home staging skills if you are going to be out and about actually staging houses, or on your office skills (presentations, spreadsheets, etc) if you are going to be more of an admin person in the industry that doesn’t need a large about of design know-how.

Final Word

By now you should understand thoroughly how to get a job staging homes. It boils down to this:

  1. Learn all you can about home staging (for free, online)
  2. Earn your home staging certification to prove you have knowledge of the industry
  3. Finetune your home staging eye
  4. Decide what home staging job you actually want
  5. Prepare your CV, and tweak it for the roles you are applying for
  6. Start job hunting!

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