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Our realtor staging certification takes the average realtor just one to two weeks of part time study to complete

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Who Is This Staging Certification Course For?

As a Real Estate Agent you are well aware of the strong competition in your industry. Learning the fundamentals of home staging, and earning a staging certification, can help you win more clients, and help your clients make more money on the sale of their homes.

Our staging certification for realtors is designed specifically for real estate agents who want to begin offering staging advice or services, but don’t plan to own their own staging business.

Here's What You'll Learn in Our Staging Certification for Realtors Course

Unit One - The Basics of Home Staging

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Unit Two - Knowing What Changes to Make

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Unit Five - More Home Staging Tips & Tricks

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Unit Six - Frequently Asked Questions

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Nothing gives you a deeper understanding of home staging than getting access to a pack of resources used by actual home staging companies.

We’ve spend over 100 hours creating these over the years, so getting your hands on them today, for free, is an absolute no-brainer.

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Home Staging Certification for Realtors Course Summary

Who it’s aimed at
Realtors who would like to offer home staging services to their clients and earn their real estate staging certification.

Typical student
Real estate agents who are looking to maxmize their income with the smallest amount of effort.

Length of course
Roughly three hours worth of reading, the real estate staging certification course takes the average student one to two weeks of part time study to complete.

$197 One-off payment.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Realtor Staging

What is home staging, and why are realtors interested?

Home staging is essentially a marketing tool. For realtors home staging means decorating the preparing the property to show off it’s best features, while minimizing the properties flaws.

Does the property need to be vacant?

A good home stager can work with both vacant homes and occupied homes. It is cheaper to stage an occupied home, as the stager can work with what the seller already has which saves on rental costs. Staging isn’t always about making large changes to each room, often little touches such as decluttering and depersonalizing can make a big difference.

Why should the realtor pay for the home staging consultation?

In most cases we recommend the realtor “pays” for the initial consultation, and the client pays for any additional staging services that flow on from the initial consultation. The word pays is emphasised, because if they have completed a staging course for realtors then the initial consultation can be offered by the realtor themselves, meaning a third-party doesn’t need to be paid.

Organizing things this way keeps the client happy, and shows you are doing all you can to get the best price. It also gives potential clients one more reason to choose you to sell their home. Staging often results in a higher sale price, which can lead to slightly higher commissions, not to mention the house is likely to sell faster when staged well.

At the end of the day, this all means happier clients, and more word of mouth referrals.

How do I sell this to my clients?

The simplest way is by explaining that the National Association of Realtors found in a recent publication that staging most realtors have found that staging increases the sale price of properties by between 1 and 10%.

This means on a $500,000 property, you’ll see a gain of between $5,000 and $50,000. You’ll struggle to find a home seller who declines home staging services after showing them that figure.

What timeline should I keep in mind as a realtor?

In general, the average occupied home (with tidy décor) can be staged in 9 hours or less. If the home is vacant and empty, then you’ll need to allow 1 to 2 days for the staging to be completed, and the stager will need to be booked at least 2 to 3 weeks before you want the property to be photographed and listed for sale.

Of course, this varies based on the size of your home and time of the year. Our advice is to always call the stager you plan to use as soon as possible.

Can a staging certification for realtors get me more listings?

Of course! Showing that you have a home staging certification gives you that extra edge over other realtors eager to sell the property. It shows you have professional training in this field, that you are determined to help the seller achieve a high sale price, and that you can be hands on throughout the process rather than outsourcing to another professional that the seller has to worry about.

Pitch yourself as the realtor that goes the extra mile, gives extra value, knows the importance of marketing, and becomes known for having incredible listings.

Our staging certification for realtors is designed specifically for real estate agents who want to begin offering staging advice or services, but don’t plan to own their own staging business.

What are the benefits of staging homes for sale?

Home staging helps to create an emotional connection between the potential buyers and the property for sale. It helps them envisage living in the property, and adds a certain level of comfort and coziness compared to a vacant home. This often results in both a faster sale, and a higher sale price.

Who pays for home staging?

There are a number of options here. Let’s go through them one by one, as it is one of our most frequently asked questions taking our staging certification for realtors course.

Option 1 is the home seller pays. Many sellers, especially those selling investment properties, will understand that home staging often results in higher selling prices and will gladly pay the fees.

Option 2 is that the realtor pays. Most home staging jobs begin with an initial consultation, which can cost $200 to $500, and will result in enough advice for the realtor or home sellers to make the recommended changes to the property. Anyone who has taken a staging course for realtors can offer this service themselves, and either pitch it as a way to get more clients (eg you’ll be saving them $500!), or you can add this to the marketing costs and increase your own revenue. With this option, be sure to make it clear that this cost is for the initial consultation and that any additional staging fees are the home seller’s responsibility).

Ultimately, the choice is yours. You’ll know best what is normal in your market, and how eager your sellers are to obtain the best price. Our advice is to complete a staging certification for realtors course and offer the initial consultation yourself. The clients will appreciate it, and if you do need to offer full staging services, you can either do this yourself, or outsource it to your preferred partner.

The seller’s budget is very limited. Should I push for home staging services?

We might be biased, but our answer is always YES. For the lowest cost option, at least encourage them to invest in an initial home staging consultation. This can be anywhere from $100 to $500. If you’re savvy and have earned your realtor staging certification, offer this yourself for a discounted price. Real estate is all about relationships, and if you can keep a budget conscious seller happy, you’ll earn referrals in the years to come.

What should the staging consultation include?

Upon completion of the consultation, the seller should have a thorough list of everything they can and should do to prepare their home for sale. Based on this information, they can then decide whether they would like to save money and work through the checklist themselves, or hire a professional home stager. Recommendations will include things like increasing curb appeal, cleaning, maintenance, flooring, lighting, decluttering, furniture and accessory placement, bedding tips, and preparing for the photoshoot.

When earning your home staging certification for realtors through the Home Staging Institute, you’ll be provided with a complete room by room checklist you can use during your consultations.