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The Leading Provider of Online Home Staging Certification

The Home Staging Institute is a leading provider of online home staging certification. We are driven by two core missions:

1. To help ordinary people start their own home staging business
2. To help realtors who want to offer real estate staging to their clients

We achieve these aims by offering a number of home staging certification courses and products, each of which comes with:

- Lifetime access to course materials that get updated regularly
- Lifetime email support ensuring questions are answered within 24 hours
- Our Certified Home Staging Certification, the industry’s best known home staging certification
- Our rock solid 30-day money-back guarantee should you not be 100% satisfied

Home Staging Courses

Find out how to create enticing, irresistible homes that buyers will fall in love with. Discover effective strategies for networking with real estate agents & getting new staging clients. Start your new rewarding career today with Home Staging Institute’s expert home staging certification course.

In the past, if you wanted to learn to become a professional home stager, you had to attend far-away home staging courses at a cost of thousands of dollars in seminar fees, travel expenses, and accommodations. You would have given up a weekend to sit in a classroom.

You also had to wait for an expensive home staging certification seminar you could plan on going to, and that could be months away.

But let’s face it, not many of us are in a position to spend thousands and disappear for a weekend of home staging courses.

That’s why we created a home study course that allows you to more easily accomplish your goal of becoming a certified home stager. There are four courses to choose from. Let’s take a look.

Basic Course

Who it's aimed at
People who would like stage the homes of friends and family, as well as be able to offer their services professionally.

Typical student
Would like 1-2 clients per month and be able to bring in some extra income.

Length of course
Roughly eight hours worth of reading, the Basic course takes the average student four weeks to complete.

$177 One-off payment
(or six monthly payments of $30)

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Advanced Course

Who it's aimed at
People who would like to offer their home staging services professionally and want immediate access to the Institute's full range of information products

Typical student
Career-minded person who wants all their bases covered.

Length of course
Like the Professional course, the Advanced Course takes 20 hours to complete, but there is a further 20 hours worth of reading the various additional products.

$498 One-off payment
(or six monthly payments of $83)

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Professional Course

Who it's aimed at
People who want to do home staging for a living. With this course you become a Certified Staging Expert.

Typical student
Would like 5-7 clients per month and wants to show they earned their home staging certification.

Length of course
Roughly twenty hours worth of reading, the Professional course takes the average student six to eight weeks to complete.

$247 One-off payment.
(or six monthly payments of $42)

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Realtor Course

Who it's aimed at
Realtors who would like to offer home staging services to their clients.


Typical student
Real estate agents who are looking to maxmise their income with the smallest amount of effort.

Length of course
Roughly three hours worth of reading, the Realtor Course takes the average student one to two weeks to complete.

$197 One-off payment

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Supplementary Courses

Interior Decorator Course

Who it's aimed at
People who would like to have a better understanding of interior decoration, as well as be able to offer interior decoration professionally.

Typical student
Would like 2-3 clients per month and be able to bring in some extra income.

Length of course
Roughly eight hours worth of reading, the Interior Decorator Course takes the average student four weeks to complete.

$247 One-off payment (sign up for an early bird discount)

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Color Consultant Course

Who it's aimed at
People who want become a color consultant, or expand their services as a home staging professional or interior decorator.

Typical student
Typical students of our color consultant course will be previous students of our Home Staging and Interior Decoration courses.

Length of course
Roughly twenty hours worth of reading, the Color Consultant course will take the average student six to eight weeks to complete.


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Affordable & Convenient Training

With so many home staging certification courses available, it can be hard to decide which one is best for YOU.

There are lots of expensive seminar-based programs out there, but home staging certification doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars and require travel to another city.

In addition to being more convenient, we firmly believe that it is better to learn home staging through a home study program.

The Benefits of Taking Our Home Staging Course

  1. Within the space of 4-6 weeks you can be fully certified, and up-and-running your OWN home staging business that brings in a regular income. How many courses can you say that about? Not many!
  2. You can work at your own pace. Need to go away for the weekend? No problem! Complete your current unit when you next get some spare time.
  3. It’s a LOT cheaper than attending a seminar. Why pay more to study the same content?
  4. The assignments are fun and engaging, ensuring you get excellent hands-on experience. You’ll complete real world projects that immerse you in your local market a little at a time.
  5. More than 1,000 people have successfully completed the course. If you don’t know anything about home staging, that’s OK. We’ll turn you into the professional home stager you want to become.

Move Through The Course At Your Own Pace

You can complete the course in as little as four weeks, depending on how much time you have to devote to the program.

We have designed a six unit course that covers marketing, meeting with clients and agents, home staging psychology, home staging techniques, how to get your own beautiful website online quickly … and a lot more.

By the time you have completed the program and received your home staging certification you will be qualified and ready to begin your home staging business. Our home staging certification is widely recognized and will help you build credibility among clients.

  • Start a Business That You Love

    Most students complete the Professional course in four-to-six weeks and go on to get their first paying client within three months!

  • How to Deal With Any Situation Imaginable

    Our extensive list of frequently asked questions covers virtually any situation imaginable, gleaned from over ten years of doing this.

  • Where to Find Your First Customers

    No business exists without a constant flow of paying customers. We dedicate two entire units of the course to this vitally important topic.

My Name is Jackie Riley, and I look forward to welcoming you aboard!

The Home Staging Institute offers courses and products that help people set up and run successful home staging businesses. Our home staging courses are online and can be completed from the comfort of your own home. The Institute was set up in 2007 when founder Jackie Riley, a successful home staging business owner, kept getting approached by people asking for advice. She found the same questions cropping up:

      • How do I start when I have no experience in home staging?
      • How much should I charge?
      • How do you deal with problem houses?

She first created an eBook called Home Staging Success and this later became the basis for the courses on offer today, all of which have evolved over time to include the latest concepts and theory. More recently, her free guide on starting a home staging business has quickly become the most comprehensive source available online.

Today, the institute has students in many countries around the world, including America, Canada, the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Germany and France. Headquartered in NZ these days, its courses and content help hundreds of students each year set up their own staging companies. Since 2007, thousands of people have graduated.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard!

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See What Our Graduates Have to Say About The Course

  • I just wanted to send a thank you for sharing the wealth of information with those of us interested in the home staging business. I was two weeks away for signing up with another program for around $XXXX which I don’t have and was going to take out a loan. This is so much help!
    Amber K.Lewisville, Texas
  • It was a great experience and I have learned so much from this program!  I would recommend this program to anyone looking to get in the staging business.
    Gwen KesslerChicago, Illinois
  • My business has taken off and I owe it 100% to this certification! I used to be so frustrated when potential customers worked with my competition, but now I can offer clients far more in terms of expertise. Understanding the logic behind home staging has made all the difference. THANK YOU and please feel free to add this review to your website!
    Joy StalzerCleveland
  • With two kids, home staging allows me much needed flexibility and the ability to bring in a good income with part-time hours. Your course was a great way to get started.
    Emily PetersLas Cruces, New Mexico

fade-leftfade-rightOur 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're not happy, we're not happy, so all of our courses are covered by a rock-solid 30-day money back guarantee. If you purchase one and subsequently discover that it wasn't right for you after all, email us and we'll refund the cost within one working day. Guaranteed.

Unsure which course to take? Most people buy the Professional Course, which is the one we recommend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really earn home staging certification online?

Absolutely. Our home staging certification will provide you with easy to follow instructions, taking the guesswork out of the staging process.

You’ll have a clear, easy guide to walk you through what to do in every room of the house. Plus, you’ll have class assignments to help you learn the hands-on part on home staging.

It’s a supportive, stress-free situation designed to give you positive feedback and confidence for your new home staging business. It works!

Why is your course price lower than others?

The Home Staging Institute was founded with a mission to keep our course affordable so that anyone who has a dream of becoming a home stager can do so without money being an obstacle.

Do I need to pay any ongoing fees as part of your home staging certification course?

No. You pay up-front and that's that.

What is the total course cost?

The Basic Course, which comes with six units and everything you need to know about starting your own home staging business costs $177, or $30 in six monthly instalments.

Our Professional Course contains the same material, but includes the Certified Staging Expert diploma for those who complete the simple online exam. This course costs $247, or $42 in six monthly instalments.

We also offer an Advanced course, for those that want to dig into the psychology and marketing angles at a deeper level. Like the Professional Course, it includes the exam and official certification.

The Advanced Course costs $498, or $83 in six monthly instalments.

Payment details for all courses can be found on the home staging courses page.

Are there any prerequisites to take these courses?

There are none - apart from a few hours a week to set aside to getting your certification. Our basic home staging course offers everything you need to know to start a home staging business, however if you want to go the extra mile and earn your home staging certification from The Home Staging Institute, you can choose to complete our Professional Course.

Do you offer any free home staging training?

No, although we do our best to make all our home staging courses cheap and affordable. But not having a physical classroom, and doing all our training online, we are able to offer cheap home staging training which can be done from the comfort of your home.

We do offer a free home staging checklist template if you would like to start learning immediately.

We also have one of the most comprehensive guides on how to start a home staging business available for free.

What's the different between home staging and property styling?

Both home staging and property styling refer to preparing a house for sale. The two terms are interchangeable. This is why our Professional Home Staging course is the same as our Property Styling Course. Both courses come with the same certification from the Home Staging Institute, so it doesn't matter which one you take.

How long will your home staging certification take?

You can complete our home staging certification course online in four to six weeks, depending on how much time you can devote to your home staging course each day.

Do I have to pay extra if I need help after I finish the program?

Home Staging Institute does not charge any of its graduates for needing a little extra help. We’re here to support you, not charge you outrageous fees for answering a few questions. We offer free lifetime email support to all of our students.

What's with the exam?

Don't worry if you haven't taken an exam since school! Some of our students actually report enjoying taking the exam! It's very simple and consists of:

  • Ten multi-choice questions that test your knowledge
  • You posting some photos of the rooms you staged in your assignment work
  • Several questions that confirm your understanding of the concepts behind home staging

Most students complete the exam in thirty minutes, some in even less time. And the best part is that you can sit it whenever you like, wherever you like.

Why should I get my home staging certification online?

One of the main benefits of completing your home staging certification online is that you can complete it in the comfort of your own home, whenever suits you. This makes our courses ideal to do when you find a spare moment, as opposed to travelling to home staging courses near you, and working around the class schedules.

Is this home staging certification 100% online?

Yes, we aim to be the number one place to get your home staging certification online. We don’t offer any classes in-person, which helps to keep our prices low.

Do I get a certificate after completing the home staging course?

You do! A certificate will be issued at the end of the course.

Do you offer home staging certification for realtors?

Yes, we do offer a specific home staging course for realtors. More information on our Realtor Course can be found here. This course is designed for realtors who want to offer real estate staging services to their clients to make some additional income.

It’s worth noting that all our home staging courses are suitable for realtors, so we recommend looking at all our options and choosing the one that best suits your needs.

Is there a free home staging course?

Yes, we occasionally open up a free home staging course here at the Home Staging Institute. This is a very minimal version of our basic course, and includes our free home staging checklist. We open this course once or twice a year. More details on our free home staging course can be found here.

Do you have a Linktree?

Yes, you can view it here.

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