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There are a number of home staging careers available to those interested in the industry.

Besides starting a home staging business, you can join an existing business as an assistant, driver, warehouse manager, showhome coordinator, or project manager. There is a wide range of home staging career paths available, you just have to choose which is right for you!

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Let’s take a closer look at the range of careers in home staging…

Three Pathways to a Home Staging Career

As with all industries, there are multiple pathways to begin your home staging career. Some people leave school, work in the home staging warehouse, work their way up to styling, and then go out on their own and start their own home staging business. Similarly, others work in related fields in the wider real estate industry and realize that home staging careers might be more aligned with their interests.

Others go through life in a completely unrelated field, and either buy an existing home staging business or make a leap and start their own business.

There is no right or wrong way to start your home staging career, so it’s important not to be discouraged if you aren’t on one of the paths we mention below.

Pathway 1: Start By Working with An Established Home Stager

As with many industries, one of the main gateways to all home staging careers is working within the industry at an established brand. Doing so will give you exposure to many aspects of home staging without taking the risk of starting your own business. It’ll also help you decide whether a home staging career is actually what you want to pursue in life.

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If you are going down this path, and plan to start your own home staging business after working for another established player, be sure to take a good look at the employment contract you sign. It might have a non-compete clause in it which will limit you from starting your own home staging business after leaving this job.

There is one industry specific job board at StagingJobs.com.

But most countries also have online job boards where you can start your search:

Take a look at our guide on writing your home staging resume before you apply for any jobs.

Pathway 2: Get You Home Staging Certification

Starting your home staging career with a course or certification is a quick way to get a thorough understanding of the industry. If you are applying for home staging jobs a home staging certification will help you stand out above all other applicants, and if you plan to eventually start your own home staging business, then it’ll set you on the right track for success.

Either way, the Professional Course here at the Home Staging Institute is the best bang-for-buck you’ll find.

Do you need a home staging certification? No, unlike architects, accountants, and engineers, you don’t need to be certified, but it does help to get a foot in the door and show potential clients that you know what you are talking about. Most home staging careers will benefit from some sort of course, training, or certification.

Pathway 3: Dive in Head First

If you have already researched home staging careers, feel you have all the skills required, and also have a bit of business nouse, then you might be confident just to dive in and get started.

People on this path might be realtors who already have a thorough understanding of the inner working of home staging, or people in adjacent fields such as interior decorating, architecture, color consultancy, or those who have worked at interior decor stores. If this is you, and you are naturally entrepreneurial and can figure things out as you go, then there is nothing stopping you from starting your own home staging career without a huge amount of experience.

To improve your chances of success, we’d always recommend a home staging course, such as our Professional Course, which will ensure you don’t make any expensive mistakes along the way.

Home Staging Careers

As mentioned earlier, there are many careers in this industry that you may choose to pursue.

Personal Assistant

Many home staging careers begin as being an assistant at an established company. Generally, you’ll be working directly with the owners, and no two days will be the same. One day you might be loading the truck, the next preparing proposals for new clients, or pricing jobs. What I’m saying is, it’s a great way to start your career in home staging.

home staging personal assistant career

We found a personal assistant job at Foxy Home Staging in Australia. It pays about $50,000 Aussie dollars, which is about $36,000 United States dollars. Obviously, that’s not going to get you a waterfront home anytime soon, but it’s a step in the door! A year at a job such as this will kickstart your home staging career and set you up perfectly for your next home staging job, or to begin doing some of your own jobs.


Yeah, we hear you….this isn’t the most glamorous home staging job, but it’s still a foot in the door. You’ll be loading the truck, helping around the warehouse, driving to client’s houses, and moving furniture. You’ll need to be fit and strong, and you may need a truck license (depending on what you are driving)

You may be thinking that this is a dead-end job in the world of truck driving, but the things you’ll learn helping set up dozens of jobs each month will help you quickly develop your eye for home staging. Soon enough you’ll have the confidence to stage homes yourself or move to other roles within the home staging industry.

Sales / Relationship Manager

Larger home staging companies will need sales professionals to drum up new business. Meridith Bear Home in Los Angeles is one such company, and at the time of writing this, are actually actively hiring sales professionals.

A role such as this is incredible exposure to the home staging world and will teach you plenty about starting your own home staging business. If you don’t want to start your own business (not everyone does!), then this is a role that you could spend many years of your home staging career happy in.

Home Staging Training Requirements

As we briefly touched on earlier, there are no must-have certifications to begin yr home staging career. If you’re motivated, willing to learn, and have a passion for interior decoration and design, then you can get started.

There are courses available if you want to fast-track your career, and we offer four of the most well-known here at the Home Staging Institute.

  • Our Basic Course is for those who want to dip their toes into the world of home staging with an affordable course.
  • The Professional Course is our most popular home staging course, and earns you our home staging certificate.
  • The Realtor Home Staging Course is for those already in the real estate industry who would like to offer home staging services to their clients.
  • The Home Staging institute Advanced Course teaches all their is to know about home staging, and earns your home staging certification.

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