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Your home staging resume needs to outline your past work experience clearly, and why you’re a perfect fit for the job you are applying for.

A home stager resume should follow the same layout as most resumes, which is the following:

  • Professional summary (a paragraph on your skills & experience)
  • Work history
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Certifications

Let’s dive into each of these sections one by one so you can craft the perfect home stager resume and land your next staging job.

The Most Important First Step

No matter what job you are applying for, you need to start by reading the job description and ensuring you understand it very clearly.

All home staging job descriptions typically specify specifically what the hiring company is looking for. Sometimes it is in clear bullet point form, and other times it can be a little more hidden.

Let’s take a look at the sample job description below:

For this job description found on Indeed, you need to identify the highlights we have added and base your CV around these particular requirements.

You should include in your home staging resume when applying for this job:

  • Any experience you have consulting with clients, whether that be in the home staging industry or another industry
  • Anything regarding the wide range of home styles you appreciate and understand
  • Some form of evidence you have experience presenting, and communicating professionally
  • A comment on any inventory purchasing experience you have, and management experience
  • Your attention to deadlines and desire to complete tasks on time

Often you won’t be able to say you have amazing experience with all the points listed, but if you can get 60 – 70% of them, that is often enough to get an interview after submitting your CV.

Exclusive for Home Staging Institute Students:

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Only once you have a full understanding of what the home staging job description is asking for should you begin to go onto the next section, and actually begin writing your CV (before going hunting for your first home staging job).

Sections of a Home Stagers Resume

As mentioned earlier, every resume typically follows the same format, and home staging resumes are no different.

You’ll want to include the following sections at a minimum.

Professional Summary

The professional summary is the first piece of content that should be in your resume after the headline and your contact details.

This section is much like a cover letter, but shorter. Typically a paragraph that consists of up to 200 or so words.

Here is an example that can inspire you for writing your own home staging resume:

“I have long held a love of interior design and home staging, and have focused my education around this industry. For the last 2 years I have been employed as a Home Staging Assistant and am now looking to grow my career into a Home Staging Management role. This industry is one I am passionate about, and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to bring my skills and experience to [company name] and further grow my home staging career“.

Simple & to the point. Easy!

Work History

We recommend including your most recent 3 or 4 jobs, and not every job you’ve ever had. You don’t need to list working at Mcdonald’s which you might have done 15 years ago in high school, but you would definitely list any experience at any home staging or interior design-related companies. This could include retail work at homeware stores or similar.

For the section of your resume, simple state your job title, the date you started and ended this role, and a few sentences of bullet points about what your specific role was, what you learnt, and what you achieved.


All that needs to be listed here is two or three bullet points, stating which high school you went to and what year your graduated, and any other formal education you have completed.

For example:

  • Sleepy Creek Highschool (2005)
  • Fielding School of Design (2015)

That’s all.


The skills section of a home staging resume can simply be bullet points.

Simply two columns of any skills you have that are applicable to the job description you are applying for. They don’t necessarily have to be strictly home staging skills either, you can list any skills you have which will help you carry out your duties as outlined in the job description.

Here is a list that we have created for you that may help you choose which skills to list, over and above any home staging-specific skills you choose to list:

  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • CRM Software
  • Adobe Photoshop editing
  • 3D staging software
  • Website management
  • Contract writing
  • Digital marketing
  • Negotiation


As with the skills section of your home staging resume, the certifications section can simply be a few bullet points.

There are a number of home staging certifications available on the market. Here at the Home Staging Institute, our courses award you with the ‘Certified Staging Expert (CSE)’ credential, so you would simply list this on your resume in the following manner:

  • Certified Staging Expert (CSE) from the Home Staging Institute

If you do not have a relevant home staging certification to list, take a look at our Professional Course. It is one of the most affordable home staging courses that you can take online, and some students take just a few weeks to complete it.

If you don’t have a staging certification ready to list on the resume you are preparing today, then at least you’ll have one ready to list for the next home staging job you apply for.

Tips to Enhance a Home Stager Resume for Better Results

Identify & Reuse Keywords

Every home staging job description will have some keywords that stand out.

Identify these keywords, and repeat them back to the recruiter within your staging resume.

For example:

  • If the job description states they are looking for someone with experience “pricing and negotiating complex jobs“, then your resume needs to state (using the same words), that you have experience “pricing and negotiating complex jobs“.
  • If the job description asks you to share your “relevant education and certifications” you need to include in your resume that “you have completed a home staging certification at the Home Staging Institute in 2022, with a pass mark of 194 out of 200″.

This doesn’t mean you are copying/pasting the job description and putting it on your resume. It simply means that you identify the two or three main points of the description, and use their own words to share how you have experience in these main points.

Triple Check Spelling & Grammar

Write your CV in a tool that has a spelling and grammar checker available.

I personally use Google Docs for all my writing as it has both the built-in spellchecker and can have the Grammarly Chrome plugin added on.

This gives you two layers of defence against silly spelling and grammar errors.

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