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staging bookshelves

Staging Bookshelves

An essential component of home staging is depersonalization, and staging bookshelves often plays a role in this. Staging is the process of editing the spaces

home staging statistics

Home Staging Statistics (2023)

Home staging statistics can be a powerful weapon when selling your home staging services. If a prospect hears that home staging can get them more

how much do stagers make

How much do home stagers make?

“How much do home stagers make?” is one of the top questions for anyone who is thinking about becoming a home stager. It’s only natural

How to Get a Job Staging Homes

How to Get a Job Staging Homes

We’re asked daily how to get a job staging homes. It’s not that surprising, since our #1 goal is to help people get into the

coffee table staging

Coffee Table Staging

The first coffee tables were used in early coffee houses in 1600s England. They were originally much taller but served the same basic purpose. Today,

staging a laundry room

Staging a Laundry Room

When staging a home, utilitarian areas like a laundry room are often overlooked in favor of staging more ‘glamorous’ rooms like the kitchen. But they

kitchen staging ideas

Kitchen Staging Ideas

We have all heard that kitchens and baths are what sell a house. So, when getting ready to put your home on the market, staging

staging a bathroom

Staging a Bathroom

Staging a bathroom can the difference between selling quickly at the best possible price and waiting forever to sell for under the asking price. While

home staging careers

Home Staging Careers

There are a number of home staging careers available to those interested in the industry. Besides starting a home staging business, you can join an

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