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Welcome back to our home staging blog! We write this blog to provide you as many insights into the home staging industry as we can,so you can get an idea of what it’s like to become a home stager or start your own home staging business.

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how to get started as a home stager heading

How to Get Started as a Home Stager

Becoming a home stager not only enables you to fulfill your passion and talent for interior decorating and organizing, but it also provides the exciting

best home staging books

Best Home Staging Books of 2021

2021 Article Update: Did you know here at The Home Staging Institute we offer home staging courses from just $177? That is the price of just

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How much do home stagers make?

Everyone who is thinking about becoming a home stager, eventually starts wondering how much do home stagers make? While we would love to finish this

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Home Staging Careers

There are a number of home staging careers available to those interested in the industry. Besides starting a home staging business, you can join an