Benefits of Home staging

benefits of home staging

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Staging your home for sale sets a scene. You know your home well, and you know its best features, but when someone is browsing through property listings, they’ll scan past your house for sale in seconds. If your property doesn’t catch their eye, they will move on. If your home looks cluttered, unclean, or appears to need a lot of work, they’ll move on.

By staging your home, you can grab their attention in those few seconds, and entice them to take a closer look. Your home could be their next dream home, they just need a little encouragement.

You’ll attract more interest

Beautiful pictures attract attention. A clean, tidy, stylish room will have property searchers stopping in their tracks to take a second look. When your rooms are clutter-free, and staged to look stunning with photography that makes the most of natural lighting and unique features, your listing will stand out from the crowd.

There will be more viewers through the door

The more people you get interested in your property through its online listing, the more people will book a viewing. Many property photos, no matter how beautifully thought out and staged, simply don’t do the house justice. Some properties just have to be seen in real life to truly appreciate them. If you have a property like this, your photographs need to be all the more impactful, to get those potential buyers in through the door, to see exactly what the property has to offer.

You can create the wow factor

With some clever home staging, you can place a memory in the minds of your viewers. First impressions certainly do count, and a bad first impression can make a person quickly close their mind to any potential the property may have. You need your viewers to walk in and feel happy, to smile and like what they see. You want them to feel that ‘wow’ factor.

Most people searching for a new home will view several properties in quick succession. After a day of looking at similar properties, they will no doubt sit down to discuss the houses they’ve seen. Such properties can often merge together, the details are forgotten, but they will be left with an overall impression of each one, of the main features that stood out to them. How will your house be remembered? The light and airy home? The one with the clean and fresh décor? Or will it be the cluttered home full of toys or the one that had a distinct smell of dogs? Of course you know which ones with inspire a second viewing!

Your property will appear ready to move in

The thought of hard work puts people off buying a property, or at best it will encourage them to place a low offer, to offset the time and money of getting the house into shape. A fresh coat of paint isn’t so much effort and it’s not too expensive, but it can make a huge difference to how people perceive a home. The property should be in a good state of repair, with no small issues that make it look neglected, and by decluttering and having everything in its place, you’re giving the impression of a low-maintenance home that the buyer can move straight into.  

You’re showing your home at its best

No one knows your home better than you, and so you are the ones best qualified to highlight the very best features and underplay those areas that are not so great. When you know one of your rooms lacks natural light, you can add in extra lamps, and mirrors to reflect the light, to create a cozy, intimate vibe. When you have an amazing view, you can tie back the curtains and show it off, perhaps scheduling viewings to coincide with the very best lighting of the day.

When two homes are equal, yours will win the race

Most people are searching for a particular type of house. Unless you’re selling a unique property such as a converted windmill or ancient church, you’re going to be in competition with many other similar properties in your area. If you’re selling a standard three-bedroomed family home, there could even be others for sale right there on your street.

With all other things being equal, the buyers need to choose one. By cleverly staging your home to look cleaner, more stylish, and in a perfect state of repair, your home will stand out as the clear winner, and the obvious first choice for the buyers.

Your home will look more spacious

Decluttering and scaling down on the amount of furniture and belongings on show, will make all your rooms look larger. People are more likely to consider how big a room feels than pay close attention to actual measurements on a floor plan. When you properly stage a room, you are maximizing on that feeling of spaciousness that is very attractive to potential buyers.

You’ll sell your home faster

Selling your house can be a stressful process. You want to move on with your life, you’ve found your perfect next home, but realizing that dream depends on selling your current property. In general, well-staged homes sell more quickly than those that haven’t been staged. So it’s well worth putting in the effort to sell your home fast, so you can get through the process and move on.

You could make more money

In a competitive market, it’s not uncommon for people to pay over the asking price for a property. When someone makes an emotional bond with a house, they may make high offers to ensure that house becomes their home. By staging your home, you’re offering a lifestyle to your buyers, one that hopefully they simply cannot resist.

There are so many benefits, is it time to stage your home?

As you can see, home staging comes with many benefits. You’ll sell your home more quickly, and you could make a nice extra profit too. You can hire professional home stagers, but with an eye for detail and some time and effort, you can stage your own home. You’ll find plenty of tips and tricks online.

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