Home Staging Statistics (2023)

home staging statistics
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Home staging statistics can be a powerful weapon when selling your home staging services.

If a prospect hears that home staging can get them more for their home, increase their commissions, or sell their property faster, then you have a good chance of landing another home staging job.

Each year here at the Home Staging Institute we intend to survey over 1,000 United States-based participants to get an in-depth look at the results of home staging, and the outlook for the industry.

These participants are a representative cross-section of the real estate industry and include homeowners, realtors, and home stagers themselves.

Please feel free to use any of these home staging statistics on your own website, marketing material, or publications.

All we ask is that you credit the Home Staging Institute, and link to our website if you are publishing these stats online.

Key Home Staging Statistics from the Home Staging Insititute

Our 2023 survey is currently in the planning stages! Our new survey data for 2023 will be coming here soon.

Home Staging Insititute Survey Methodology

We have access to a large database of home staging professionals and realtors who we ask to participate in our regular surveys.

Sometimes we need to increase the volume of respondents and will supplement this via a targeting Google Surveys campaign.

Permission to Use Our results

If you are reading our home staging survey results, you have permission to republish these elsewhere without asking us first.

As mentioned earlier, we do ask for credit.

Compiling these home staging statistics and undertaking the surveys costs us thousands of dollars, and we do appreciate the credit when it is due.

Home Staging Statistics from other sources

  • Over 90% of realtors state the benefits of home staging helps to sell a property
  • Over 65% of 900 realtors surveys believe that home staging helps sell a house for more money.
  • The majority of realtors belive that home staging increases a properties selling price anywhere from 1 to 10%.
  • 25% of realtors believe that home staging doesn’t increase the property sale price, but it does help attract buyers to the home, which means the property can sell faster.
  • Similarly, nearly 85% of realtors agree that a staged home will sell faster than an unstaged home.
  • Nearly 50% of realtors agree that both vacant and occupied homes can benefit from home staging.
  • Agents recommend staging the following rooms, in this order of importance: Living room, master bedroom, and the kitchen.
  • The two least important rooms to stage are the home office, and the guest bedrooms…

Sources of Home Staging Statistics

Here are our mains sources of staging facts and statistics:

Each of these publications has a range of interesting home staging statistics relevant to 2019, 2021, and 2022.

When they release their 2023 reports we’ll publish them here too.

Frequently Asked Questions

We can use these statistics on home staging to answer a few of the more common home staging questions.

What are the benefits of home staging?

Homes that are staged both sell faster, and for a higher selling price.

Do staged homes sell faster?

Yes, staged homes sell faster as they help potential buyers develop a deeper emotional connection with the property, and better visualize their new life in the property

Do staged homes sell for more money?

Yes, staged homes sell for more money as home staging helps present the property in the best possible manner.

Does staging help sell a home?

Yes, staging helps sell a home both faster and for a higher sale price.

Is it better to sell a house empty or staged?

It is always best to sell a house staged. Buyers will struggle to build an emotional connection with an empty house, and a staged house will enable the buyer to better visualize living in the property themselves.

Is staging your home worth it?

In most cases, it is worth it to stage a home, and you’ll recoup your investment in home staging by increasing the sale price.

Do empty houses sell faster?

No, empty houses do not sell faster.

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