Staging a House on a Budget

Staging a House on a Budget

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The phrase ‘A picture speaks a thousand words’ is so true when it comes to selling a property. The realtor’s website will be filled with listings just like yours, with home hunters rapidly scrolling through. It’s likely that they will only start to read the details if the photographs have grabbed their attention, and that’s where home staging comes into play. Setting the scene and making your home look amazing, so buyers choose your property above other similar properties in the neighborhood.

But home staging is expensive, right? You need to hire a professional home stage and you need to entirely redecorate your home with the latest on-trend designer wallpapers and expensive furniture and accessories.

Absolutely not! Home staging can definitely be done on a budget, especially if you’re prepared to put in a little hard work…

Start with a huge declutter and clearout

When you’re planning to move home, it’s a great opportunity to get rid of the rubbish, sort out all that stuff that you never use and no longer need, and of course, it will make your home look much tidier and more spacious.

This is a good job to get started on early. It can time consuming, but the end results are always worth it. When you’re staging on a budget, selling your unwanted items can certainly help to give you some extra cash to spend on your move! The treadmill you bought and never used, the nearly new clothes the kids have grown out of, they could all be sold to boost your moving fund.

Decluttering your home will certainly make the property feel larger. With too much clutter, you’re portraying the impression that the home is just too small for a family to live comfortably. So once you’ve cleared out, it’s time to clear away. Anything you don’t really need, put it out of the way.

Hide things away in cupboards to make your home look neater and then assess what you still have on show. Perhaps you have a huge collection of porcelain ornaments or a massive library of books? You don’t want to part with these precious items, but they’re going to impact the staging of your home. Box them up and hide them away, in the loft, or in a friend’s garage. Anywhere where they won’t be in sight of your potential buyers.

 It’s so important to remove your own personality from the property, so viewers can more easily imagine themselves living there. They may not need a space for a library, but when your library area is more minimal, they will be able to picture that space suiting their own unique needs, perhaps as an office, a play area for the children, or a craft room.

Get the whole house spotlessly clean

There is no need to spend money hiring cleaners when you can easily do this yourself and save a fortune. Even better, rope the family in to help out – get the kids involved and delegate tasks to everyone.

Open the windows. It may seem obvious but it’s often overlooked. We can easily become ‘nose blind’ to the smells in our homes, and fresh air costs nothing. This is particularly important if you have pets. Animal aromas can really take hold in a property. If you have carpeted floors, it could be a good idea to have the carpets and any rugs cleaned. Of course, the budget option is to hire a carpet cleaning machine and do it yourself. It’s not as tricky as you may think and the results can be amazing. Your carpets will look like new and they’ll smell fresh too.

Your cleaning mission should be very intensive. Pay attention to details such as light fittings and skirting boards that can easily be overlooked. It’s also vital not to forget about your outdoor space. Your exterior areas will certainly be a huge selling point if they’re attractive and inviting. An untidy overrun garden is going to appear to be high maintenance. People often don’t like moving into homes that require a lot of work straight away. 

When you think your house is clean, another great tip that costs nothing is to invite people around and ask them to be brutally honest about the cleanliness of your property. Can they smell any foul odours? Perhaps they’re taller than you and will point out a dusty cupboard top that you’ve missed.

A fresh new look with a simple lick of paint

Many of our ideas for budget home staging cost absolutely nothing, but if you do have even a little cash to spend, fresh paint is a wise investment. You don’t need the latest fashionable styles, they may not appeal to everyone. Pick a neutral color that will make all the rooms look fresh, light, and airy. A blank canvas for the buyers to then add their touches. Decorating a property yourself is not too difficult and you can find plenty of tutorials online to help you on your way. 

With a neutral, clean backdrop, you can then add a pop of color with accessories. Use items you already own, or check out thrift shops for accessories to add to each ‘scene’. But use these items sparingly. Less is more. A few bright cushions in the lounge or a vibrant fruit bowl on the table will make your photographs stand out from the crowd on the realtor’s website.

Make your home appear practical, comfortable, and stylish

When it comes to property sales, we often hear the phrase ‘You’re selling a lifestyle’ and while this might be a cliché, it’s certainly true. Each room needs to look welcoming and your viewers must be able to picture themselves enjoying that space.

Fresh, bedding and extra fluffy cushions on the beds, a bottle of wine and a pair of wine glasses placed on the kitchen worktop, and clean garden furniture in view of the windows, all represent relaxing times enjoying your home. A subtle glimpse of what life could be like for anyone buying the property.  

Home staging without the high price tag

So you see, staging your home for sale doesn’t need to be expensive. It’s all about spending your time wisely and having an eye for detail. Follow our tips and your home will look a million dollars, even if you’ve only spent cents on staging it. We’re sure the offers will soon come flooding in!

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