What does home staging certification cost?

what does home staging certification cost

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Let’s get straight to the point: What does home staging certification cost?

The simple (but unhelpful) answer is, that it depends on where you go. To save you time, we browsed dozens of websites to find out exactly what home staging certification will set you back.

Note that for the purposes of this article, we have included online-only courses, as we feel they give you the best bang for your buck.

Home Staging Certification Costs Compared

Let’s look at your options, one by one.

home staging certification cost

We’ve been in the home staging game since 2007, and have amended our prices over time to provide the best bang for the buck we can. We offer four courses, and three of these will earn you a home staging certification. These courses are:

Professional Course: This is our most popular course and costs $247 (or six monthly payments of $42)

Advanced Course: People who want an extra edge upgrade to the advanced course, which costs $498 (or six monthly payments of $83)

Realtor Home Staging Course: This course is designed specifically for realtors who want to offer home staging as an extra service. It costs $197.

You can read about the Professional Course online, or go grab the free resource packs readily available for download.

staging studio certification cost

2. StagingStudio ($1249)

A home staging certification from the StagingStudio costs $1,249, and you can choose to pay in 5 monthly payments of $259. Their website boasts that “You can become a certified home stager in just 15 hours”, which is super quick for a $1,249 course in our opinion.

There are also a couple of other courses at StagingStudio, which are:

  • Master Color Consultant – $729
  • Short-Term Rental Stylist – $449
chssp certified

3. CHSSP Home Staging Certification (£550 / $750)

The CHSSP Certified Home Staging and Styling Professional Course is £550, which works out to be a little over $750 United States dollars at the time of writing. You can choose to pay in 4 interest-free payments too.

As seen in the screenshot above, the website looked a little out of date, so we didn’t delve too much into this particular course. For an online course, you’d expect the website to look more modern.

csp staging business academy

4. CSP International Staging Business Training Academy ($2,299)

CSP International courses feature Live (not pre-recorded) training, which may or may not be your cup of tea. Most other courses are self-paced in your own time and work around your schedule.

home staging resource cost

5. Home Staging Resource ($999)

HomeStagingResource.com staging certification costs $999, and there are a few payment plans available. They also encourage you to renew your ‘HSR Membership’ with them for an annual fee of $350, which includes website hosting and ongoing access to training. It also includes a listing in its member directory.

In Summary, what does home staging certification cost?

We are frequently asked “what does home staging certification cost”, and there has never been a simple 1 sentence answer, until now:

Home staging certification costs anywhere from $247 with the Home Staging Institute Professional Course, through to $2,299 with the CSP International Staging Business Training Academy.

If you are not in the United States, use a currency converter to see what the home staging certification costs in your local currency.

We online looked at online courses, since local home staging certification courses are tough to find, and are of questionable quality. It was also tough to find online home staging certification courses that I was happy to list here. Many are out of date, and feature credentials that are from 2008.

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