Staging a Bathroom

staging a bathroom

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Staging a bathroom can be the difference between selling quickly at the best possible price and waiting forever to sell for under the asking price.

While kitchens and living rooms tend to get the most attention when it comes to home staging, the importance of staging a bathroom well cannot be underestimated.

The good news is that the staging tips that make the biggest difference typically don’t require expensive additions or significant remodeling.

In fact, less is more when it comes to the successful staging of any room – especially when staging a bathroom.

Read on to learn some expert staging tips for the bathroom to help your house sell.

staged bathroom
A nicely staged bathroom with folded towels, rolled face cloths, a touch of greenery, and some tidy lotion.

Staging a bathroom is Critical to Selling a House

Of the few areas of the home that are critical to have staged just right, this often-overlooked room might just be the most critical of all.

Here are the main reasons why bathroom staging is crucial for getting your house to sell.  

Decisions Are Made Based on Emotion

Most potential buyers will make a purchase decision based primarily on the emotions your house evokes in them.

When it comes to such a significant, life-changing purchase, potential buyers need to feel relaxed and welcome in the home and be able to imagine living comfortably in it.

Something as simple as a cluttered bathroom can be enough to deter a potential buyer from making the purchase.

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Comfort Levels in Personal Spaces Are Fragile

Stepping into a stranger’s personal space can be an uncomfortable experience for some people.

Staging a bathroom can mean the difference between setting their nerves at ease by allowing them to imagine relaxing in a spa-like atmosphere or bathing their children in the tub and making them more uncomfortable when they see personal toiletries, dirty spots, and clutter in the room.

Give potential buyers the respect and grace of seeing your home in a clean, neutral, bright, and comfortable manner.

Remember, emotional touchpoints sell.

What Are Home Buyers Looking for in a Bathroom?

The most enticing bathroom for any home buyer would be one that exudes a relaxing, spa-like feel.

All your bathroom staging decisions should follow that simple rule of thumb.

Bathrooms that help sell homes are typically tranquil and neutral with a luxurious atmosphere, even if they’re small.

Here are the top ten expert tips on how to stage a bathroom to help your house sell.

Tip 1: Minimize Décor when Staging a Bathroom

bathroom less is more

A number-one rule for staging any room in the house is to take a “less is more” approach, and there’s no exception for the bathroom.

The last thing you want is to make the bathroom feel cluttered.

The goal is to help potential buyers be able to envision their own things in the room, so there should be as much open, usable space as possible.

Tip 2: Clean, Clean, and Clean Some More

Of course, you want your entire home to be clean when staging it, but the bathroom and kitchen are the two rooms that should always be pristine.

When staging a bathroom, ensure that mirrors and glass showers are completely streak-free, every speck of dust is cleaned off the countertops, floor, and toilet, and the toilet seat is always down.

Tip 3: Keep Personal Toiletries Out of Sight

Whether you’re staging a tiny ensuite bathroom in the master bedroom or a vast space with an oversized tub, it should feel like an immaculate, peaceful sanctuary.

There are ways to create such an atmosphere, even in the smallest spaces.

The first rule to doing this is to put away all your personal toiletries. Nothing can ruin the luxurious spa-like feeling of the room like a bar of half-used soap in the shower or your kids’ toothbrushes and toothpaste on the sink.

Tip 4: Use Luxurious Accessories when Staging a Bathroom

In such a small room, minor details can make or break the atmosphere for potential buyers. Invest in some luxurious accessories, such as:

  • New, fluffy towels
  • Candle, oil diffuser, or potpourri in a decorative bowl
  • Wooden bath tray with a book or magazine
  • Brand-new soap dispenser on the vanity
  • Stylish glass or ceramic bottles

Consider keeping the toilet paper away until after you show the house, as putting toilet paper out invites buyers to use the facilities, potentially ruining your staging efforts (Yes, it has happened before!). 

If the toilet paper will remain in the room, have a quick read of the various ways to fold the end of the roll so it looks a little stylish.

staging a bathroom
Home Staging Institute student Allison used a small indoor plant to help stage a bathroom

Tip 5: Brighten the Space with Green Accents

bathroom green accents

Brighten up the room with a simple green accent.

Adding a small plant is a simple way to freshen up the space instantly.

Hanging a plant in a corner or placing a small succulent on a countertop can help the room feel less sterile. This is an excellent tip for staging small bathrooms.

Tip 6: Update Caulking, Remove Stains

Water and humidity can wreak havoc on a bathroom over time.

Many homeowners get used to living with things like hard water stains, mildew, and peeling caulk. However, these elements can stick out sorely to potential buyers and ruin the entire atmosphere you worked hard to create.

As you’re staging a bathroom, go through it with a strong cleaning solution and remove stains from the floors, walls, glass, and tile.

Update any caulking around the shower and sink that may have stained or become undone.  With a bit of practice, you could even do this yourself.

Tip 7: Update the Cabinets

The cabinets play an essential role in the look of a bathroom. They can bring down the whole space if they are outdated or dingy.

However, as long as they’re in good shape, there’s no need to invest in a cabinet remodel. Simply cover them with a fresh coat of neutral-colored paint and consider replacing the hardware with updated handles and accents.

Tip 8: Apply a Neutral Color Palette

Some people love bright pops of color in every room, but they can be overwhelming or displeasing to others.

Neutral colors are never offensive, so if your bathroom contains bright colors, be sure to neutralize the color palette as part of the staging process.

If there are brightly colored tiles or other elements, they should ideally be replaced if possible. These color changes can be a little costly and time-consuming but will likely result in a quicker, more lucrative sale.  

Tip 9: Check the Lighting

Bathrooms should feel bright and inviting.

If the bathroom has a window, open it up to let natural light in during daytime showings. Otherwise, make sure the lights are bright but warm and inviting.

Stay away from harsh white lights that can make the room feel like a hospital, and don’t keep the lighting too dim as that can give the room a grungy feeling or not allow enough light for buyers to check its cleanliness.

Refresh your knowledge on lighting color temperature.

staging a bathtub in the bathroom
Home Staging Institute student Carolin used a small indoor plant and candle to help stage her bathroom

Tip 10: Appeal to All the Senses

By staging the bathroom with a neutral color palette and natural lighting and adding a touch of greenery while ensuring immaculate cleanliness, you appeal to most of the senses.

Finish it off by placing a little potpourri in a decorative bowl or using a lightly fragranced air freshener.

Be careful not to use strong scents that might be unappealing to some people.

The goal is to make the space smell as fresh and neutral as it looks to create the most inviting feel.

Need more bathroom staging tips?

The most crucial element in selling a home quickly and profitably is creating an unforgettable experience in each and every room.

Follow the tips above to stage a bathroom that can set your house apart from many others that potential buyers will be looking at.

For more information, advice, or help with staging a bathroom and beyond, look into taking a home staging course here at the Home Staging Insititute.

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