How to Dress a Bed With a Throw


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I love a throw blanket. They’re soft and snuggly, and they’re available in so many designs, but how exactly do you dress a bed with a throw?

That’s what I hope to teach in the quick article below.

With a throw on your bed, you can add an extra layer of warmth on chilly nights and transform the style of your client’s room in an instant.

This guide looks at a very specific part of staging a bed – knowing exactly how to place a throw on a bed.

Throws are useful and versatile

Throws are particularly useful in guest bedrooms.

I always worry that my guests won’t be warm enough, so by providing throws, I am reassured that anyone who feels cold won’t be shivering all night, too polite to wake me up to ask for a blanket.

I also love to theme my guest room with a throw for each guest.

I keep the room purposely neutral, then transform it simply and easily with a throw.

Add in a dinosaur throw, and I’ve transformed a ‘boring’ adult space into the perfect bedroom for my visiting nephew.

If you’re staging a home for sale, by adding luxurious, cozy throws to the beds, you’re instantly making the room seem homely, warm, and inviting.

You’re allowing your potential buyers to more easily imagine themselves enjoying the room and being comfortable there.

Often staged bedrooms can look cold and harsh, a little too minimalist. Adding in rich fabrics and lavish textures can really make a room feel more homely while still retaining a feeling of opulence. 

The problem with throws

But throws can be problematic when it comes to exactly how you place them on the bed.

Most throws just aren’t big enough to fully cover a bed, particularly children’s throws which tend to be even smaller.

When you spread them across the bed, they tend to look a little scruffy and don’t have the stylish impact you’re aiming for.

But don’t worry, there are several solutions to this problem.

With a little innovative folding and placement, you can dress your bed with a throw and the results will look both chic and snug.

Fold on the vertical for a runner

If you choose a throw that doesn’t have a design with an obvious right way up, you can fold your throw from left to right, rather than top to bottom, so it’s as wide as possible, and then place it across your bed as a runner.

A plain, contrasting color to your bedding looks amazing. A sumptuous velvety or deep-pile texture will add a feeling of luxury.

Place a smaller throw in the middle of the bed

Rather than trying to find a throw that’s the right size for the bed, you might like to purposely choose a throw that’s much smaller, and then display this right in the center of the bed, almost like a work of art, a focal point of the room.

This works well if the throw has one large image on it, rather than a repeated pattern.

Go for rustic coziness

rustic bed throw

Another problem with throws is that they tend to look rather casual. Instead of trying to straighten out every crease and wrinkle, why not embrace the natural, comfortable vibe and don’t try so hard? A casual draping of quality fabrics can certainly make a bedroom feel warm and welcoming.

Layer up

layering a throw on a bed

In my opinion, there’s no such thing as too many throws.

You can snuggle up under a mountain of throws on a cold winter’s day, and they can look fantastic when they’re combined.

By offsetting your layers, by rotating some throws, you can cover a larger area of the bed and create a snug, intimate setting.

When layering, think about your color choices.

Similar colorways, such as autumnal shades work well, but you can also have fun with your theming.

How about red, green and gold for the holidays or an assortment of large blue throws topped with a space-themed throw for a child’s room? 

Simply folded

Sometimes we overthink things.

If your throw is thick and plush, simply folding it and placing it on the bed is enough.

It’s easily accessible, and at a glance, you just know that throw is going to make you feel so warm and comfortable.

The better the quality of the throw, the less you really need to do to make it look opulent in your bedroom setting.

Try a triangle fold

Another quick and easy option is to fold your throw into a triangle like you would a shawl.

Then place it at the foot of the bed, with the center point draped over the edge.

This style is simple to create, you’re not reliant on having a throw of a particular size, and it creates a look that’s a little bit different.

This works well for all types of throws, including patterns.

There are so many gorgeous patterned throws out there, it’s certainly worth having some style ideas up your sleeve that work with this type of throw as they’re a great way to add a little fun and character to a room.

Transform a dull headboard

We tend to think about placing throws on the bed, but now it’s time to think outside the box and consider draping your throw over your headboard.

This can work well in so many ways.

Perhaps your headboard is old and tired, or it doesn’t really match with your décor anymore.

A throw allows you to change your headboard style whenever you want, it’s quick, easy and cost-effective.

Your throw will be easy to grab should you need it in the night, and it also provides a warm and comfortable surface to lean on when you’re sat up in bed.

If you have a cold metal bedframe or a hard wooden headboard, a cozy throw can make a world of difference in the colder months.

Work with the throw

If you see a throw with a design you love, buy it!

Don’t go hunting for a throw that’s the perfect size for your bed, instead, make your throw work for you by trying out our ideas.

Try different folds, and different placements, and think about adding in more throws for a layered effect.

Don’t miss out on a gorgeous throw just because you don’t think it will fit your bed; you have so many options and one of them will look amazing.

If none of these styles works for you, then why not simply embrace a relaxed, informal, carefree ambiance and simply fling your throw casually on the bed? A folksy laid-back style can be the most comforting of all!

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