Home Staging Checklist Template

This is the same checklist we provide to students at the Home Staging Institute, and to purchasers of our home staging forms pack (valued at $29!).

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If you opt to download our version of the checklist, feel free to print it and use it during any of your home staging visits. We keep our version updated regularly and aim to review it at least twice a year.

Once downloaded, to view our home staging checklist template you’ll need a PDF viewer such as Adobe Acrobat. These days most smartphones and PCs come with some sort of PDF viewing capability.

home staging checklist template

What's included in our home staging checklist?

We cover all areas of a home, highlighting every little detail you need to consider in each room.

Lawn & Garden Checklist

Our template starts with 17 items you need to check before even entering the house. This portion of the checklist covers minor details such as ensuring any visible hoses are coiled neatly, to big jobs such as recommending power-washing any patios and decks (if required).

lawn and garden checklist

Curb Appeal Checklist

Looking after the exterior of the house helps create curb appeal before potential buyers or renters even set foot on the property. Small touches such as adding hanging baskets, replacing the letterbox (or simply emptying an overflowing letterbox), or adding garden lights can go a long way to increase curb appeal when home staging.

curb appeal checklist

Kitchen & Dining Checklist

Make sure the dishtowel is brand new and without stains or discoloration, consider adding some fresh fruits (not plastic fruit!) to bowls or baskets, and be sure to remove every little knick-knack from the counter tops. It goes without saying to make sure garbage and recycling is our of site. You’ll also note when downloading this free home staging checklist that we highly recommend removing anything on the front of the refrigerator.

kitchen checklist

Bedrooms & Closets Checklist

Yes, people will look in closets when looking to purchase a house! This is one of the only free home staging checklists which will dive into the closets and ensure there are well tidied and staged. For bedroom don’t forget to thin out any toy collections in children’s rooms, remove any ‘back of door’ hanging items, and put away almost everything except essential furniture.

bedrooms checklist

Bathrooms Checklist

A nicely staged bathroom can help sway buyers who are sitting on the fence. Our checklist covers everything from checking the shower curtains are free from stains, through to hiding toilet cleaning products, personal items, and reading material. Ensure any towels on display are clean and fresh, and that trashcans are empty.

bathrooms checklist

Home Office Checklist

Excessive filing cabinets and clutter can be off-putting, and an unorganised desk can make a person imagine they could be moving into the same situation. If you portray a clean, tidy, and uncluttered home office the potential buyer might imagine themselves working in a similar environment should they buy the house. Don’t forget to hide any commercially sensitive documents too!

home office checklist

Exercise Room Checklist

If the exercise room is setup in a bedroom, it might be a good idea to consider turning it back into a bedroom when staged. But if you do leave it as an exercise room, ensure it is well aired-out and has no used fitness related items such as sweaty towels, drink bottles, and shoes laying around.

Exercise room checklist

Laundry, Basement & Garage Checklist

A fresh coat of white paint can help these areas immensely, as can hiding all detergents and laundry items into appropriate storage (if available). Clean the washer and dryer to make them look brand new, and remove anything in this area that isn’t essential. No home staging checklist template will be complete without mentioning the importance of de-cluttering and reorganising the basement area too! This alone can add value to a property and increase the perceived size of the basement.

laundry checklist

Entry, Family, and Living Rooms Checklist

Besides the curb appeal, the entry and living areas are often the second and third areas viewed when looking at a house. For the entry in particular move shoes away, and de-clutter any coat racks by moving them to the bedroom closet. One or two coats is fine, but trying to cram 7 on a 3 peg rack is a little excessive. Consider trying to light up dark entry ways by using light art, or repainting the walls a lighter colour.

living rooms checklist

Help for Every Room

The bulk of this home staging checklist is contained in this section. These tips can apply for every room of the house, and include things like using WD-40 to fix any squeaky doors, dusting thoroughly, updating lighting fixtures if the budget allows, checking that all light bulbs work, hiding valuable jewellery, hiding mail and bills to pay, removing any dead or dying plants, tidying or hiding pet food bowls, and even removing any pets from the property that may be disruptive during open homes and viewings.

interior home staging checklist template

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this home staging checklist pdf free?

This is the checklist we provide to students at the Home Staging Institute, so making it free for others to use is our little way of giving back to the home staging community.

Is this a detailed checklist?

Our home staging checklist is updated annually to take into account changes in tastes and styling trends. Since trends are changing frequently, this checklist doesn’t go into detail about exactly what to do in regards to every little detail. What it does do is lists many details that you should check in each room of the house. Then it is up to you whether you need to take action as result to ensure the home is staged to a high level.

Who created this home staging checklist template?

This checklist has been used by thousands of home stagers across United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia since it was created by Home Staging Institute in 2002.

Can I download and print this checklist?

Yes, please feel free to. We still use this exact checklist and take a printed version to all our home visits..

What rooms are covered in this checklist?

All main rooms that you will be involved in during a typical home staging are included in this checklist. This includes living areas, bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, entryways, and also the exterior of the house and the yard.

How much does this cost?

Our home staging checklist is free for anyone to download. To get your copy simply enter your details above, and we will email you your download link instantly.

What software do I need to view it?

Our checklist is a PDF file, so any free or paid PDF viewer will be able to open the file.