How to Create a Great Home Staging Business Card Design

home staging business card

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Our top home staging business card templates:

Below are our top ten home staging business card templates from our favourite template marketplace: Graphicriver.

home staging business card template

1. Professional home staging business card template

This design features all the essential information in a simple format, and also has room for two images to showcase some of your work. If you are just new to home staging you most likely don’t have any high quality photography to showcase on your business card, so don’t be afraid to search for images on free stock photography websites such as or (it isn’t deceiving using stock images – you aren’t claiming to have done the specific jobs on your business card!).

This particular home staging business card template heavily features an aqua/teal color in both it’s design and imagery. If you have Adobe Photoshop, or no someone that does, you’ll easily be able to change the colours to match your brand.

home staging business card template

2. Warm business card template

This design is a bit more modern, and suits a brand that uses warmer imagery. Again, if your home staging business uses other colors you can of course customize this design in Adobe Photoshop. You’ll need a good landscape image from your home staging portfolio to use on this business card, so something like a sofa as seen in the example will work well. Sometimes if can be tough finding images to fit well into such awkward landscape dimensions!

home staging business card template

3. Paint / Color Palette business card template

This business card template wont be great for all home staging businesses, but if you do go a little bit further and provide color palette and interior design advice, then this could be something out of the ordinary to get your business noticed. I do feel the bright red is a little in-your-face, but you can easily adjust this using the Hue/Saturation slider in Photoshop.

While we are looking at this card, it’s worth noting that I don’t think your home staging business card template should use a QR code. If you use this template, highlight the QR code layer, and hit delete! I don’t know anyone who scans more than one QR code a year (unless you live in certain Asian countries…)
If you are looking for a vertical business card design, then here is the vertical version of the first recommendation above. It all just comes down to personal preference, but vertical business cards aren’t overly common. If, however, the images you want to use wont scale into the horizontal version of this design, then this template might be a good option.

home staging business card template

5. Funky business card template

This is definitely one of the more funky home staging business cards I have seen, but if it suits your brand, then why not be brave?! It doesn’t scream “elegance”, but it does portray fun, happiness, boldness, and an upbeat vibe. If these are the customers your home staging business wants to attract, then this card will achieve that!

home staging business card template

6. Classy business card template

Now back to something a little more classy. This business card template is modern and sophisticated, and will represent any business with a professional, confident vibe. Yes, the red is bold, but that is easily changed in Photoshop.

I don’t like any of these templates!

That’s ok! There are literally thousands of business card templates for home stagers available online. Take a look around Graphicriver, and look for both home staging business cards, and interior design business cards, and you should be able to find something. You might also want to look at the architecture or fashion design templates as well as I find these industries often have a similar look and feel to what home stagers like.

What information should you put on your business card?

I think less is often more, and the bare minimum you need on your home staging business car is your name, phone number, email address, and web address.

It’s a good idea to include your logo as well, as your logo represents who you are and should be across all your customer touch-points. This includes your invoices, quotes, letterheads, checklists, and even your car branding if you decide to go this far.

I’ve seen some brands go as far as including their home staging certification badge on their business card, which helps to provide a little bit of social proof and reassurance that the customers is choosing someone with credibility. If you don’t have a home staging certification, then checkout the range of courses here at the Home Staging Institute before designing your card.

A photo also helps to showcase the vibe of your home staging business. It’ll represent who you are in one image, and let the customer know whether you go for the modern feel, farm house cottage look, Scandinavian design, or any other vibe your staged houses tend to have. Pick your photo carefully. You don’t want to go handing business cards with an ultra-modern concrete and glass image, when your home staging business operates in towns with wooden cottages.

Whats next?

Since you’re getting your home staging marketing materials sorted, you should also consider your proposal templates, quote templates, and anything extra you need like a letter head. I find the best way to get all these sorted quickly is to head back to GraphicRiver, choose a business card design you like, and see if the designer has made a matching letterhead template. Typically these templates cost about $5, which is a cheap way to get your home staging marketing materials sorted in under a day.

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