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Apartment Staging

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Every home staging project is unique, and each has its own challenges. Of course, the whole point of home staging is to show the property in the very best light, highlight its features, and give potential buyers the impression of an attractive lifestyle that will perfectly suit their needs. Smaller spaces, such as apartments need some special attention when it comes to staging, to maximize their potential, and truly make them stand out from the crowd.

Staging certainly shouldn’t solely be for large homes or those with massive price tags. Staging brings added value to every property, and that definitely includes apartments. So let’s take a look at how to overcome some of the challenges of staging apartments, and some top tips and tricks to make your apartment more attractive to potential buyers…

Making the most of space in a small apartment

There are many different types of apartments, but often, this style of property will have a smaller footprint than regular houses. While this brings with it benefits such as being easy to maintain, and economical to heat and cool, it can make it hard to portray an image of spaciousness.

If your apartment looks cramped and cluttered, potential buyers will soon move on to another property listing, but it’s likely that with a little work, and some good photography, an impression of space can be captured.

The first step is to declutter. It may be that this is a good opportunity to clear out all your old, unwanted possessions that have accumulated over the years, or it could simply be a case of packing up your clutter and putting it into storage while your apartment is on the market.

If a buyer sees a room that is overflowing, full of large furniture with barely room to move, they will simply feel that the apartment is just too small. Your rooms should be minimalistic, but still realistic. Your buyer wants to live there comfortably, so each room should have a real purpose. Don’t have crossovers such as a bedroom that doubles up as a gym or an office in the kitchen. This just screams a lack of space for real living!

Maximizing natural light

If your apartment doesn’t have a garden, then it’s really important to give the impression that your apartment is not missing out on natural light. Your staging should ensure that every room feels light, bright, and airy. No apartment dweller wants to feel hemmed in or claustrophobic. If the property feels spacious and well-lit, then a lack of outdoor space is less of an issue.  

So pay attention to your window dressings. Keep them minimal so as much natural light flows into every room. Open windows for fresh air, and consider using mirrors to bounce light around darker rooms. When it’s time to take photographs, also think about the time of day. When does your apartment get the most sunlight?

Highlighting unique features

Apartments in large blocks can often be very similar to each other. Each city will have dozens of properties for sale that are very much like yours, so you need to figure out what makes your apartment different. It may be the aspect, the size, or a high-spec fitted kitchen. Or perhaps you can highlight some external aspects such as proximity to local amenities, or access to facilities in the block such as a gym or laundry.

But most importantly, especially if there are other properties in your block for sale, you need those staged photos to make your apartment look better than all the others. So make sure your property looks spotlessly clean, in a good state of repair, and simply more attractive than the others. Good staging and a professional photographer really can make two identical apartments look worlds apart.

Showcasing a low-maintenance luxury lifestyle

One of the critical features of apartment living is its low-maintenance credentials. There is a certain cachet associated with a stylish, luxurious apartment, and this is certainly something you can play on. So push this image by conveying a lifestyle. Make sure the property is in excellent state of repair, and very clean and tidy. A new coat of paint will help to put across the feeling that someone can move right in.

You should also pay attention to communal areas. It doesn’t matter how pristine and beautiful your apartment is if residents have to walk through an area that feels grubby and unkempt to get to it. Perhaps you can take time to clean communal areas yourself, or speak to the person responsible if you feel the maintenance needs attention.

This of course also applies to any communal facilities. You’ll want to add these to your listing. If your property has the benefit of a resident’s laundry or garden etc. it can be a huge plus, but not if they are in a bad state of repair. Your photographs will tell one story, but then if someone views the property in person, they may be put off by a malfunctioning elevator or a generally low level of cleanliness in the communal areas.

You must also not forget to remove yourself from the picture, and by this, we mean your personality. Let viewers see this as a home they can move into, let them imagine their own belongings in the space. Don’t make them have to see past your own personal items.

So hide your toothbrush and personal photos. Put away anything that represents you, such as collections and hobby equipment. Keep the environment neutral and spacious. Give the viewers the opportunity to imagine their own style and taste within the spaces.

Overcome the challenges and reap the rewards

With communal spaces, perhaps no garden, and potential accessibility issues, there’s no doubt that apartment staging can have its own challenges. But there’s no reason why, with a little careful thought and planning, any apartment can’t be as beautifully staged and as attractive to potential buyers as any large, detached house set in its own grounds. Apartments have their own benefits, they offer a different type of lifestyle, of low-cost, low-maintenance, sophisticated living. There’s a huge audience out there, and with a little effort, your apartment will stand out from the crowd, and you can make a quick sale, maximize your profits and move on to the next chapter in your life.

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