15 Home Staging Marketing Tips That Win Customers

home staging marketing tips

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Owning a home staging business is a great way to gain experience in the real estate industry while maintaining complete control over your time and flexibility. With a home staging business, assist homeowners and real estate agents with presenting a home as best as possible prior to hosting open houses and walkthroughs for prospective buyers. Home staging businesses are necessary if a realtor does not have time to stage the home themselves or if they simply require the help of professionals who understand interior design and decor.
Knowing how to effectively market your home staging business is essential whether you are working with local realtors or planning to expand nationally. With the right marketing strategy in place, find clients whenever you are looking for work while ensuring you maintain a positive and professional reputation for your business.

Take a Home Staging Course Online

One of the quickest ways to learn more about the home staging business and how to promote the services you provide is to take an online home staging course.

An online course provides valuable insight into the world of home staging marketing, determining your target audience, and honing in on demographics that are most likely to respond to your business or brand.

Some of the most notable advantages of enrolling in and completing a marketing course online include:

  • Accessibility: Access your preferred digital marketing course from just about anywhere with a wireless internet connection. Accessing your marketing course from anywhere allows you the ability to complete coursework on your own schedule and timeframe. Additionally, course accessibility makes it easy to reference and pull up the information you require for your own marketing plan as necessary.
  • Cost: Many marketing courses online are available free of charge or for a nominal price. Depending on the skills you want to learn for your online marketing campaign, it is also possible to take online marketing courses that are individualized and more suitable for those with specific learning preferences.
  • Flexibility: Taking an online marketing course is possible at any time whether you prefer to attend a local college or if you wish to complete the course online from the comfort of your own home. With some marketing courses, complete them on your own time without a strict schedule in place. Choose a marketing course that is right for you based on time requirements as well as flexible options when it comes to setting your own schedule and completing coursework.
  • Stay Relevant: As technology continues to thrive and evolve each day, remaining relevant and updated with the latest technologies, marketing tactics, and even social media platforms is a must. Enrolling in and completing an online marketing test every few years is highly advisable for any business owner, even if you prefer to take a hands-off approach to the marketing and development of your business. Understanding the latest methods of online marketing and popular marketing techniques can ultimately help to better optimize each individual campaign you launch while ensuring you spend your marketing and advertising budget wisely.
  • Interactive: Many online course programs and solutions available today provide an interactive interface for students and professors alike. Interactive lessons and videos can help to learn new marketing techniques and methods without the hassle of repeating lessons and memorization. With the use of interactive lessons, quickly learn how to launch a marketing campaign for your own home staging business by completing practice campaigns among other peers who are also enrolled in the course.

The Importance of Online Marketing

Without putting the internet to use to your advantage, launching a successful home staging marketing plan can quickly become stressful and tedious. Implementing an online marketing strategy is key to truly helping your home staging business stand out, especially if your local area or region is already rife with realtors and professional home staging companies.

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Establishing your home staging business online is extremely quick, free, and one of the most effective methods of targeting and reaching specific audiences and demographics.

Get started with online marketing using the following tools:

  • Website: Launch an official website to showcase your experience and portfolio to realtors and prospective clients who are in need of your services. Register a .com if possible as this extension is the most common and well-known among users online. When choosing your domain name, be sure to verify that it is not already registered or being used for another business. While selecting a name that is unique and catchy is highly effective to attract visitors, it is also important to make the name easy to spell and remember. If your domain name is confusing, difficult to spell, or includes special characters such as hyphens, you will have a much more difficult time attracting visitors.
  • Blog: Create a blog to share tips and tricks you are willing to share with visitors and those who are currently looking to stage their home for an upcoming open house. Using a blog is a great way to build a reputation for a new business, especially if you are competing for clients near you. Use your blog to share in-depth and informative articles that are relevant to the home staging industry but difficult to find anywhere else on the internet, including even the most popular blogs.
  • Social Media: Create social media pages for your home staging business using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Use the same name for your social media accounts as your website’s name to help with establishing an online presence. Upload and use logos of high-quality and with the same color scheme to assist with building your brand identity.
  • Boost Engagement: Boost engagement on your social media pages by hosting contests, giveaways, and by interacting with current followers and prospective clients. Showcase the transparency of your home staging business by sharing your latest projects while answering questions and responding to comments directly and publicly.
  • Reviews and Testimonials: Share reviews and testimonials you receive from clients and realtors using your website, blog, and social media pages. Each time you complete a home staging for a client, request a review or testimonial that can be shared publicly to help establish yourself.

Offline Marketing

Developing your home staging marketing plan requires more than simply devising and launching an online marketing strategy. Implementing an offline marketing strategy is equally, if not more important than running digital marketing campaigns alone.

Without a local marketing strategy, establishing your home staging business may become increasingly difficult, especially if you already have local competition in your area.

Some ways to get started with an offline marketing campaign for your home staging business may include:

  • Consider Branding Your Vehicles: Consider branding the vehicle you own or the vehicles your household owns with your business logo and branding. Branding your vehicles with complete advertisements is a way to quickly draw attraction to your business while piquing the interest of locals near you.
  • Attend Local Networking Events: Attend local networking events that are most relevant to your home staging business and the type of clients you want to attract. Local conferences and networking events provide you the opportunity to share and swap business cards while making connections with other professionals and prospective clients currently in the industry.
  • Host Block Parties: Host a block party to establish yourself as a professional home stager while getting to know more about your neighbours and those who live in your city. Block parties can be extremely beneficial to help with spreading the word of your home staging business to anyone in the local area.
  • Create and Send Postcards Periodically: Create and send printed postcards to locals to help with promoting the home staging services you offer. Sending class and old school postcards can appeal to those who appreciate a hands-on marketing approach as well as older demographics who do not use the internet for all of their needs.
  • Plan and Host Seminars in Your Local Area: Create and host seminars in your local area to promote the home staging services you provide. This option is best once you have established a good rapport among other business owners and realtors in your area. Hosting seminars is not only a great way to appeal to real estate agents who are in need of help and assistance, but it is also a way to attract homeowners who require the services of a home staging business.

Creating a marketing plan for your home staging business is a way for you to hone in on prospective clients and individuals who are currently in the market for buying a new home. Understanding your clientele and how to reach new realtors can drastically improve your ability to generate work and profit for your business. By taking the time to devise and launch a highly-targeted marketing strategy, take your home staging business to the next level of success with a pristine and professional reputation in your local area.

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