Some people think home staging is the same as decorating or interior design: add some throw pillows to the sofa, light some scented candles, rearrange the furniture, and viola! The home is staged.

Except home staging isn’t that simple.

Yes, it’s related to decorating and interior design to some extent. But home stagers need to know how to create an appealing setting without being too specific to a particular style or taste.

They also have to know how to make a place feel more spacious, how to deal with “problem” houses, and how to work with limited resources.

But the real reason home staging is so effective is deeper than decor. A home stager needs to understand what buyers are looking for on a psychological level and be able to present them with exactly what they want.

That is why home staging is endlessly fascinating! And not all home stagers really get it. We’ve been in staged homes that had the most glaringly obvious mistakes … simply because the home stager did not have an understanding of home staging on a deeper, more important level than just candles and pillows.

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