Home Staging Certification Course

Home Staging Certification Course

If you want to become a professional home stager, our home staging certification course will give you the confidence and knowledge you need to get your business started. We’ve designed an affordable and concise home staging course with no filler or fluff.

When you complete our program you’ll be able stage any home inside and out, even if you know nothing about home staging when you start the course. In addition, we’ll teach you how to handle client meetings, marketing, networking with real estate agents, and all of the ins and outs of getting your business going.

Engaging assignments will get you some hands-on experience, sharpen your eye for real estate, and boost your confidence when you realize what a valuable skill set you’re developing.

Home staging is a solid, smart business you can start with very little start-up cost. Fees for home stagers are high, and you can start your business while working around your current job so you can maintain your income level while you build up your business. With home staging, it is quite possible to double your income while working less. But the best part is that you’ll enjoy being a home stager – in fact, you might not even consider it “work.” Wouldn’t that be fulfilling?

Please have a look at our home staging certification course info and give some thought to the exciting new direction your life can take as a professional home stager.

Our home staging certification course costs just a fraction of what other programs charge, and since our course is email-based you don’t have to think about travel expenses and time off from work and family responsibilities. We’ve made it as easy and affordable for you to start now.

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Jackie Riley

The Home Staging Institute offers courses and products that help people set up and run successful home staging businesses. The Institute was set up in 2007 by successful home staging business owner Jackie Riley. Today, the institute has students in many countries around the world, including America, Canada, the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Germany and France. Since 2007, thousands of people have graduated.

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