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Home Staging Certification Course

Find out how to create enticing, irresistible homes that buyers will fall in love with. Discover effective strategies for networking with real estate agents & getting new staging clients. Start your new rewarding career today with Home Staging Institute’s expert home staging certification course.

In the past, if you wanted to learn to become a professional home stager, you had to attend far-away home staging courses at a cost of thousands of dollars in seminar fees, travel expenses, and accommodations. You would have given up a weekend to sit in a classroom.

You also had to wait for an expensive home staging certification seminar you could plan on going to, and that could be months away.

But let’s face it, not many of us are in a position to spend thousands and disappear for a weekend of home staging courses.

That’s why we created a home study course that allows you to more easily accomplish your goal of becoming a certified home stager. There are three courses to choose from. Let’s take a look.

The Basic Home Staging Course

This course contains the same quality, in-depth material you’ll find in the Professional course below, except you don’t get to take the online exam, and therefore don’t get to earn the Certified Staging Expert qualification. Crucially, the basic course still include our invaluable home staging forms:

  • Home Staging Proposal Form
  • Home Staging Checklist
  • Home Staging Report
  • Home Staging Worksheet
  • Agent Contact Data Form
  • Home Staging Action Steps List
  • Homeowner Survey Form
  • Tools Checklist
  • Business Mileage Form

Who it’s aimed at: Homeowners who want to use home staging theory and concepts to ensure their own home sells for the highest possible price, but don’t want to do it professionally.

The Professional Home Staging Course

We’re excited to offer a home staging solution that lets you learn the business right now, in the comfort of your own home – without spending thousands on a seminar at an expensive hotel. The program consists of six in-depth units and an online exam that will give you a jump start on your new business. You’ll learn:

  • How to write effective, compelling marketing copy for your web site, brochures, and letters
  • How to look at real estate critically – so you can address any home’s flaws and know exactly what buyers will love about a home
  • How to write and use press releases effectively
  • How to decide what legal structure you should use for your home staging business
  • How to get clients without any cold calling – get them to call you!
  • How to network with real estate agents
  • How to know what to charge for your home staging services
  • How to start a web site – getting a domain name for your home staging business and getting online is easier than you think.

Plus, crucially, once you pass the exam, you’ll receive a digital certificate showing you’re a graduate of Home Staging Institute’s Professional Home Staging Certification Program, which will make you a Certified Staging Expert.

Who it’s aimed at: People who want to become home staging professionals, helping others sell their homes for more – while being paid to do so!

The Advanced Home Staging Course

This course includes everything you get in the professional course, plus

Marketing letters and copy for brochures, web sites, and print ads — these save you so much time. Ready to use for your home staging business, all you need to do is personalize these marketing letters and paste the web site copy on to your own site.

Website help – We’ll give you the best resources for domain names, website hosting, and creating your own professional-looking website. You can have your own beautiful & professional website up and running in one evening with this info.

Blogging Advice – We don’t believe there’s a ‘right way’ to approach blogging if you want to make a success of it. But thousands of people have learned the hard way that there certainly is a wrong way. You won’t be one of them if you knuckle down and take the advise in our advanced course.

Home Staging Psychology – OK, so you know the theory and you’ve created a great website showcasing your work. But how can you convince people to listen to you? How do you get more homeowners and realtors signing up to use your services? We answer these questions in the psychology section.

Who it’s aimed at: The kind of people who don’t do things by halves. You’ve decided you want to be a home staging professional and you’re going to take your business to the limit!

IMPORTANT: We have a payment plan for each of our courses where you can spread the payment over six months. Go to our store to see details.

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