Can I really learn home staging from home?

Absolutely. Our home staging training units will provide you with easy to follow instructions, taking the guesswork out of the staging process. You’ll have a clear, easy guide to walk you through what to do in every room of the house. Plus, you’ll have class projects to help you learn the hands-on part on home staging.

You’ll have a final exam to take when you’re finished with the course. It’s a supportive, stress-free situation designed to give you positive feedback and confidence for your new home staging business. It works!

Do I need to become a member of your organization or pay you any ongoing fees as part of your home staging certification course?

No, we don’t have any organizations that you are required to join. We have a Home Staging Institute graduate newsletter (delivered via e-mail) to keep you posted on home staging news, get ideas on marketing, see before and after photos, and more. We also have a free referral service. Whenever we have a request for a home stager in your area we’ll let you know. You can always join other home staging associations if you want to, but clients don’t usually ask about this, in our experience.

What kind of certification do you offer?

There is no industry-wide certification in the home staging business. Each program has their own designation. We’ve been in the business longer than other programs and our certification (CSE certified staging expert) is widely recognized. In fact, our certification is superior to others because we are not just “rubber stamping” every student who pays the fee. We carefully review each student’s work to make sure it is professional quality. And don’t worry – we’ll help you get to that level!

In the ten years we’ve been in the home staging training industry we’ve never had a student tell us that they felt a need to get any other certification once obtaining ours. It’s just a matter of which program you are comfortable with overall, because along with your certification it will be your portfolio of before and afters, your website, as well as your level of professionalism that will bring you success. Our program will help you with each of those things.

Do I have to pay extra if I need help after I finish the program?

Home Staging Institute does not charge any of its graduates for needing a little extra help. Why would we? We’re here to support you, not charge you outrageous fees for answering a few questions. We treat you the way we would want to be treated.

How long will your home staging training take?

You can complete our home staging certification course in four to six weeks, depending on how much time you can devote to your home staging course each day.

What is the total course cost?

Our Professional Course is $247 including online exam and certification. Our mission is to provide expert home staging training for a reasonable fee so there’s nothing stopping you from pursuing your goal to become a professional home stager. This is the most popular course and the one we advise people take.

We also offer an Advanced course, for those that want to dig into the psychology and marketing angles at a deeper level, for $498, which also includes the exam and certification, and a Basic course, which offers the course material, without the exam and certification, which costs $177.

Full details for all courses can be found here.

Why is your course price lower than others?

Home Staging Institute was founded with a mission to keep our course affordable so that anyone who has a dream of becoming a home stager can do so without money being an obstacle.